President Address

Message from the Chairman:

     The days of three decades in my life,let me really realize the meaning of Kazuo Inamoris "Jing Tian Ai Ren". People must follow the principle of being a man and doing things.Using the  kindness to care about people, this is the lifetime truth my team and I adhere.

          "As heaven maintains vigor through movements,a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection.As earth's condition is receptive devotion,a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind.” Everyone of Geeho team should have the spirit of persistence,self-improvement,never accept defeat.We Geeho people have largeness of mind and accommodate all things.

Thank my parents for giving me life and raising me up.Thank you all my family who loves me!

Thank all the people for helping,caring and supporting me in my life!

Thank you all my colleagues who are struggling or have ever struggled with me!

Thank all the people and things that made me suffer frustration, pain, grievance and trouble in my life.These are the best exercises for me!

Thank all of things,tomorrow will be much better!

Chairman Introduction:

Zhao Xiaohui, who is EMBA of Nankai University, hydraulician, associate constructor, certified property manager, assistant human resources manager, is the deputy general manager of Henan Phoenix Investment Group and the chairman of Henan Geeho Industrial Co., Ltd. He has gotten the eleventh director of Chinese Young Entrepreneurs' Association, the member of Xinyang Youth Federation , the member of Xinyang Friendship Association For Non-Party Personage, the chairman of Xinyang Qingqing Association of Voluntary Service Organization. He has won the "Ninth Xinyang Top-notch Personnel" and "the sixth Xinyang Ten Outstanding Youth ".