Company Profile

       Henan Geeho Industrial Co., Ltd was established in July 2011 and registered in Xinyang City, Henan Province.The amounts of registered capital is 50 million yuan.The principal business of Geeho company has agricultural development, construction, environmental science and technology and education. There are three branches: Henan Geeho Agricultural development Co.,Ltd, Guangshan Lide agriculture and forestry specialized cooperative agency,Xinxian Zhiyuan planting and breeding specialized cooperative agency of farmers.

       HeNan Geeho Industrial Co., Ltd  has a number of engineering qualifications.They are Engineering design qualification certificates Grade B,Architectural decoration project spacialized contracting Grade 1,Water conservancy and water-power engineering construction qualification certificates Grade 3,Building architectural engineering construction qualification certificates Grade 2,Municipal public engineering construction qualification certificates Grade 3,Building mechanical and elecrical installation qualification certificates Grade 2,Environmental protection engineering construction qualification certificates Grade 2 and Well-digging engineering construction qualification certificates Grade 2.Geehe company has various management, engineering and technical personnel 156 people, including the construction of two teacher or senior titles more than 46 staff, 89 senior technicians, the company has all kinds of construction machinery and equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment 56 / sets. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14000 environment system certification and 3A certification.
       Henan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Poly Hui currently has two new county Guangshan County and planting base, has been the transfer of farming, a total of nearly two thousand acres of woodland, large-scale cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines varieties now have white peony root, Salvia, Angelica , Atractylodes, chrysanthemum; the company in recent years, large-scale development of the main planting, efficient ecological agriculture, specialty agriculture farming and tourism industries, supplemented by the new agricultural economy, the company expects to complete the transfer of land in 2017 to reach more than 3,000 acres and intends in 2018 to complete the landing three new board program.
       HeNan GeeHo Industrial Co., Ltd . has a professional staff of environmental technology and rich experience in the construction of environmental protection projects, and committed to the development and application of environmental projects, had biological waste treatment and disposal technology has the function of heat recovery, after the new sewage treatment automatic mud-emission technologies, basement drainage system, sewage filtration, sewage alarm system, garden with trees and supporting technology, a number of new patents. Has a strong research partner in bio-environmental protection technology, Safeway with Beijing Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership; possession of biological purification, novel catalytic oxidation, microbial spread cultivation, soil restoration, efficient ammonia processing of international advanced core technology.
       In recent years, the company won the provincial, city, district "corporate integrity unit" and "advanced flat tax" and many other awards, will be closely linked poly-era human development and the development of innovative industrial melodic ideas, advocate green, environmental protection, low-carbon, new energy the new development concept, in good faith, hard work, intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and its mission to create a better environment, willing to work with friends and work together total development plans!