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2011.07 Henan-hui Industrial Co., Ltd. was established
2011.08 to establish strategic partnership with Beijing SAIF Granville environmental engineering company
2011.09 partnership with EMC Group (Shenzhen City Central Source Technology Development Co., Ltd.)
2011.10 The company has obtained a total of 36 senior technicians, trained security officer certificate
2011.10 Henan TV company was named the "integrity of business model units"
2012.09 company was Jinniushan Management District Xinyang City, the "investment" in the form of immigration Xinyang City
2012.10 Zhumadian Runan winery sewerage system reconstruction completed
2013.05 was elected chairman Zhao Xiaohui Xinyang City Youth Federation Committee
2013.09 the company has made water conservancy and hydropower engineering general contracting Sanji
2013.12 the company's existing 81 people made "engineer", "assistant" professional titles
2014.03 obtain housing construction general contracting Sanji
               Environmental engineering contractor Sanji
               Electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contracting Sanji
2014.03 by the chairman Zhao Xiaohui launched the "Green Volunteer Association," by the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau approved the establishment of Xinyang
2014.04 chairman Zhao Xiaohui was "Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Xinyang City," the honorary title
2014.05 obtain municipal public works construction contract Sanji
2014.07 Because of their work, the company has offices original Xinyang City Shihe District Xinyang sub-Hing Building, moved to the Phoenix City Yangshan New Garden
2014.11 was elected chairman Zhao Xiaohui, "the Eleventh China Youth Entrepreneurs Association"
2014.12 obtain drilling water conservancy project construction general contractor level qualification
2015.01 obtain building decoration engineering design and construction quality Grade B
2015.01 Zhao Xiaohui was elected chairman of the Ninth "Xinyang City talent"
2015.03 Henan-hui Industrial Co., Ltd. through the "ISO9001: 2008"; "ISO14001: 2004"; "OHSAS18001: 2007"; "GB / T50430" Quality Certification; and "AAA" credit certification
2015.03 Henan Chen Hui Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Incorporated
2015.04 Henan Hui Network Technology Co., Incorporated
2015.07 herbal projects started