Human Resources

Talent Concept


      This business has always depends on human resource management as an important part of the first enterprise-wide management. To pursue "people-oriented" management philosophy, adhere to the "clear division of responsibilities bit consistent, reasonable pay" management approach, provide a good career stage for employees. We implement post competitive selection mechanism, activating talent sediment layer through internal and external Jingpin selection, promotion of talents come to the fore, to achieve the effective development of human resources and rational allocation.

      In addition, the enterprises in the introduction, absorption, training and the establishment of a complete management system using talent management. Through the implementation of specific salary and benefits, training, job classification series of measures to continuously improve staff quality, optimizing the personnel structure.

      Always adhere to the "employer", the principle of combining "education" and "encourage" and the staff career planning into corporate training track, so that employees in the service companies to promote the same time enterprises to achieve strategic objectives, but also in accordance with clearly defined career development goals, to accept a variety of training to achieve greater personal development.

      On the job promotion, for the implementation of job competition for important positions, to provide space for the vertical development of staff; the position is set, designed with a strong position to stretch, so that each position undertake more work content to encourage employees horizontal development, cultivating talent, to provide everyone with the full realization of self-worth of development.

   "Inviting world of excellence, to create macro industry."
      Making staff recruitment, follow the "moral of both" principle, if you have the following conditions, want here, "flex its muscles", we invite you to join us, and the achievement of our common cause.

   "People-oriented human resources strategy."
       Our people-oriented, talents as the largest corporate capital, promote the common development of employees and the company, every employee has to be respected and achieve the aspirations of self-worth, to that end, the company actively promote "people-oriented, system for the protection, team-premise, equality and trust "enterprise culture and talent to implement the strategy.